Wielant Machleidt

Beirat Sozialpsychiatrie

Wielant Machleidt, Dr med., is a Professor emeritus of Social Psychiatry at Hannover Medical School (MHH) and was the head of the Department of Social Psychiatry andPsychotherapy from 1994-2007. He is a specialist in social and cultural psychiatry and, in addition, for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. He studied medicine at the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin. Subsequently, he undertook training in neurology and neurophysiology for several years during which he was engaged in research on psycho-physiological methods in the identification of basic emotions. He completed his psychiatric training at both Departments of Psychiatry at Hannover Medical School and was inaugurated there as a university lecturer in 1983. In 1988, he got an appointment to the professorship of Psychiatry and deputy director at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Cologne. In 1994, he got an appointment to the chair of Social Psychiatry at the MHH and took over as the head of the Department of Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
The main priorities of his scientific interest are psychotic affects, integrated psychotherapy of psychosis, evaluation of community psychiatric care systems as well as research in transcultural psychiatry and immigration. He created an “affect-typological model” for the understanding of schizophrenic psychoses. He developed the regional community psychiatric care system of Hannover as a model associating the principles of low threshold and culturally sensitive integration of immigrants into the regular services. He is active in advisory boards and as a reviewer of several scientific journals, author of many scientific papers and editor of several books in schizophrenia research and migration. He is also the editor-in-chief of a textbook for psychiatry (“Psychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie”). He was head of the section for Transcultural Psychiatry and Migration of the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Nervous Diseases (DGPPN) from 1994-2010 and president of the Ethno-Medical Centre, Hannover, besides being a member of various German and international professional societies. For his activities in mentally disabled people and in migrants he was given the Federal Medal of Merit.

Some of his recent publications are:

Machleidt W, Heinz A (Hrsg.): Praxis der interkulturellen Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie. Migration und psychische Gesundheit. Urban & Fischer Elsevier, München, 612 S., 2011

Machleidt W, Sieberer M: From Kraepelin to a modern and integrative scientific discipline – On the nature and development of transcultural psychiatry in Germany. Transcultural Psychiatry (i.p.)

Machleidt W: Migration, Kultur und psychische Gesundheit. Kohlhammer, München, 117 S., 2013